The Marshal's Journal

22nd Day, 3rd Month, 4028

Dark times are ahead, the winds are carrying the scent of death. Chaos winds are blowing, and the path ahead has been clouded.

It has been a week since my colleague’s disappearance. I expect his absence may be permanent, however I think his time abroad was wearing him thin, and his diligence to the dictates of Codex had been compromised. Perhaps he had foreseen the threat looming ahead and knew we’d all be turning down this path at some point.

The most recent correspondence with Central had dictated that we were to return for debriefing if one of us were dispatched in the line of duty… I am following a more ancient and divine letter now. I’ve been blessed to have found companions who the goddess has quite obviously sanctioned to undertake this quest, even though the details of which still elude us.

A tangled skein has been woven, and drawing from my experience has proven taxing to say the least. I must rely on the perspectives of my companions, who have intricate interleaves with the case at hand. So much so, that coincidence cannot be deemed an appropriate source. I have concluded that this is further evidence of a divine predilection for our success.

We cannot and must not fail.

We ride for Caerberry Hobs to investigate a fellow who wields the power of the black powder. He is an officer in a remaining Orc unit within Etheldred’s forces. How a halfling keeps the entirety of the Northern March as together as he does baffles me… a baffling halfing…

I honestly do not look forward to approaching Ravenmoor. The tales of that dark place have reached my ears on my travels on more than a solitary occasion, and I frankly never thought I’d ever be forced to step foot near the dark place. I suppose I never thought I’d be thrust into a battle amongst shadows against the forces of demon lords and the mother of monsters either…

A strange stone structure is visible up ahead… it seems the rest of the party finds it as interesting as I…

The Marshal's Journal

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