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  • Villa Liborio

    Villa Liborio is the ancestral home of the Liborio family. Originally from Korvosa, their northern branch was founded by [[:bassanio]] 400 years ago. After his death at the hands of [[:captain-albano]], he was buried in a sarcophagus in the tower in the …

  • The Black Islands

    The Black Islands are the pirate headquarters of [[:bludmourne]], somewhere among the island chain marking the western edge of the Varisian Gulf. [[:captain-albano]] has said that they lie somewhere north of an island called [[Alban]].

  • Riddleport

    Riddleport is a pirate city on the north of the Varisian Gulf, and home to [[:captain-albano]].

  • Bludmourne

    Bludmourne was a protege of [[:captain-albano]] among the pirates of the Varisian gulf a little over 25 years ago. He mutinied against him and took over the piracy trade in the southern gulf. He used his daughter, Jeyna, to entrap the paladin of the …

  • Captain Albano

    Captain Albano was a successful pirate 400 years ago. He was a great friend of [[:bassanio]], one of the Liborios. [[:bassanio]] was a great necromancer and a passable pirate. They did a bunch of piracy together. Then Albano heard that Bassanio had …

  • Mercutio

    Mercutio is [[:captain-albano]]'s butler and right-hand man. He appears to be able to cast high-level cleric spells.

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