elf marshal from Kyonin


Nolthenius Moulton’s father was a revered engineer in the employ of
Her Majesty’s Ministry of Intelligence during the most recent flair
ups, about 200 years ago, between the Kingdom of Kyonin and the Demon
Lord Treerazer’s forces besieged within the south of Kyonin, an area
known as the Tanglebriar. Mutant, abyssal, and fiendish creatures from
all of Golarion gather to worship Treerazer, and to pledge their
alliance to his cause of eradicating the elvish nation, and capturing
the Sovyrian Stone guarded by the elves.

Nolthenius’ father, while mostly absentee, had shared some of the
tricks learned by the ministry with his children. Simple alchemical
exhibitions akin to fireworks, and the occasional model cannon
developed to barrage enemy forces from afar. Nolthenius took pride in
helping his father on occasion when there was a shortage of resources,
and his father would tell tales of their people while grinding
charcoal into powder, or while collecting refuse to make the powerful
saltpeter used in the manufacturing of ammunition.


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