Elf / Wood Elementalist


Key of Suspicion
Key Of Revenge
Key of the Dispossessed

Special Abilities:
Splintered Spear



After seeing her family murdered 98 years ago when she was a child, Naiaer was found by a young gypsy girl named Nan and with her Gypsy magic, she managed to suppress Naiaer’s memories of all that had happened in her life up to this point. She took her back to the traveling Carnivale she was part of, and Naiaer found a home and raised among the freaks of the sideshow. She traveled the country with them and learned much, but generally kept to herself, working behind the scenes to earn her keep. Nan became her friend and then a mother figure as she aged much more rapidly, being human where Naiaer was Elf.
Finally, at 103 human years, old Nan passed away, and that same day, a hooded stranger came to Naiaer and told her that he knew the truth about her and her family. He then touches her forhead and all of the suppressed memories flood back into her head. He then reveals to her that her younger Sister, Fisoro, was not dead after all, but had been taken hostage by an undead pirate king by the name of Captain Albano.
He tells her what she needs to do to be able to get to Captain Albano and try to get the information from him that she seeks. After some adventure and mishaps, she does, only, it turns out that he turned her over to Skeltur, or so he claims….

She is now traveling with a group made up of humans and Elves. She isn’t quite sure who to trust at this point, but has decided to go with her gut and trust the Elven marshals.
She tends to keep quiet and prefers to observe and listen.

Her main goal is to find her Sister. She’s made no plans after that, since leaving the Carnivale, she now has no home, and with Nan dying, no one she calls family.


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