Margrave of the Curchain Hills, recently deceased


Entry on Feck in “Gilarmo’s Varisian Peerage 4022”:

Curchain Hills, Gustavus Armenius Feck, Margrave of (b. 3948, K.V.; K.C.O.V.; A.S.O.), general of the Regular Varisian Army, is the son of Macalmo Feck of Palon (b. 3918, d. 3959) and first cousin of Admiral Sven Afolans of Korvosa. In Gozran 4002, in response to the Great Goblin Uprising, he raised western Varisia’s first regular army by consolidating retainers of major families in Magnimar and Riddleport with irregulars and conscripts. In Rova 4004 he concluded a treaty with goblin forces at the battle of the Churlwood. He was subsequently awarded the title of Knight Captain of Varisia. In Lamashan 4005 he was created the first Margrave of the Curchain Hills at the second council of Magnimar, and deeded the estate of Caerberry Hobs, on the Lampblack river. As Margrave, he had certain rights over the entire Northern March.

In Lamashan 4004, he married the Lady Apollonia of Ilsurian (b. 3968, d. 4007). They produced two issue, the Lady Philomena (b. 4005), and Sir Macalmo II (b.4007), who is currently under education at Bradmer Academy in Korvosa.

seal: three gold aurochs on field vert


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