Captain Albano

Undead Pirate Lord of Riddleport


Captain Albano was a successful pirate 400 years ago. He was a great friend of Bassanio, one of the Liborios. Bassanio was a great necromancer and a passable pirate. They did a bunch of piracy together. Then Albano heard that Bassanio had found the secret of immortality. He tried to steal it, because he wanted to sell it. This started a feud. Ultimately, Albano killed Bassanio, and Bassanio’s dying curse was to give him what he wanted, and make him immortal.

Albano has also revealed that he and Bassanio entered into an agreement with Skeltur that precipitated his demise.

He was also responsible for kidnapping Fisoro, but he claims he was under orders from Skeltur and handed her over to him.

Captain Albano

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