Cleric of Munachar


Brother Anzo, Journeyman Cleric of Munachar is a rough-and-tumble preacher, trying to spread his faith and civilize the masses, despite a dearth of empathy and a tendency to meddle. He fights with a big ol’ falchion and wears a multicolor coat, woven by his congregation back home.

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Some facts

1) He is a cleric of Munachar, traveling to spread his faith. He worked in a lumber mill previously, giving him great strength and stamina for his work.

2) He is the oldest brother in a large family (1 brother, 4 sisters). He practically raised his siblings, which has made him outgoing but also opinionated and a bit nosey.

3) Raising his brother and sisters in the backwoods outside Korvosa was hard. He stole from his neighbors and rejected the faith for much of his young life, to the chagrin of his ailing mother. Entering The Order of the Third Book of the Sacred Writ of Munachar is a way to make amends to the community that tolerated him, and help those who might be lost like he was.

4) He doesn’t talk about it, but the moment that changed Anzo’s trajectory was when he learned that he wasn’t fooling their neighbors; they were letting him steal because it was what he needed. He wishes he’d known sooner, so he is less forgiving, but no less magnanimous. He still writes to Uncle Barnabas, the shopkeeper, about his troubles and travels. Barnabas gave him his hat, after his sisters presented him with his coat.

5) Though he is still friends with most of the folk who joined the Order when he did, he parted with some of them on bad terms. Caleb, a half-brother by Anzo’s father, hated his take-charge attitude. Zillah, the daughter of prominent missionaries, couldn’t have had a more opposite upbringing from Anzo’s, and the two have have a very complicated relationship. At present, they aren’t speaking because Zillah let slip that she doesn’t think Anzo’s cut out for the work during a lover’s spat.

Character goals

1) I would like to see Anzo confront the grayness of life on the frontier. He thinks forthright submission to Munachar will lead to happiness for all, but he’s wrong.

2) It would be cool to have Anzo reconcile with Zillah in an unexpected way.

Some secrets

1) Anzo has drifted toward Riddleport because it’s the last place he knows Zillah was, although he’d swear that has nothing to do with it. He isn’t actively looking for her, but his ears are open.

2) Hester, the leader of the tiny Munachan congregation in Riddleport, makes no secret of the fact that she doesn’t like folks from Munachar’s Sword (“They bring trouble. We don’t like trouble.”), but what’s not known is that she’s actively trying to make Anzo leave by turning people against him. Is there a Manachar connection? Maybe, but probably not directly.

Prominent NPCs

1) Anzo’s family in Korvosa consists of an ailing mother (whose mind has never been the same after Anzo’s father died), his younger brother Levi (18), and four younger sisters, Phielia (17), Elisheva (13), Jael (12), and Marah (10). Anzo’s father died when he was 15, and when his mother was pregnant with Marah. Levi and Elisheva are distant toward Anzo, because they didn’t think he could replace their father. Jael and Marah love him dearly, and although they don’t remember the lean times, they’re scared by them in small ways. Phielia is Anzo’s closest sibling, whose down-to-earth nature and deadpan humor were a source of comfort in hard times. Anzo can count on his family in a pinch, but they are also a liability.

2) Caleb and Zillah are Anzo’s best-known “allies” within the Order, which isn’t to say they’re friendly or up to anything good. Anzo just knows them on sight, and they know him, which is more than can be said for most of the Order. Both are reportedly operating in or near the hills.

3) Hester leads Riddleport’s tiny Munachan congregation, but she has wider designs. Word is she’s interested in getting involved in the city’s “politics,” though whether for personal gain, the eventual advancement of Munachar, or something else entirely is unclear. Anzo can count on her for support as long as his requests are public. Behind closed doors, anything goes.

Memories, mannerisms, quirks, etc.

1) Anzo remembers his father teaching him about the lumber mill and how it requires everyone working together as a perfect team. That was the day of the accident.

2) Anzo remembers the wonder and shame he felt when he learned Barnabas and the others knew he was stealing for his family. He associates the taste of lamb stew with these feelings, because that’s what he stole that day, along with an ornate spoon. He carries the spoon as a reminder.

3) Anzo often recalls the right hook Caleb gave him the night his cohort was ordained. Caleb was jealous that Zillah favored Anzo at the time.

4) Anzo’s zeal for Munachar is passionate. He often speaks in verses from the Writ, which shows how much he’s studied—although he’s also been known to make up verses when it suits him.


Key of the evangelist – You are sworn to prove and spread the glory of your faith. Gain 1 XP when you defend your faith or prove the glory of your god to a non-believer. Gain 3 XP when you do so at great personal risk. Counter: Renounce the supremecy of your faith.

Key of curiosity – You are compelled to learn about those around you. Gain 1 XP when you stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. Gain 2 XP when you suffer because of your compulsion. Gain 5 XP when those you care about suffer because of it. Counter: Mind your own business.

Key of moral clarity – You trust your instincts when it comes to what’s right and wrong. Gain 1 XP when you act decicively. Gain 3 XP when you trust your gut over the objections of your mind or other people. Counter: Accept grayness.

Desired Feats

- Power Attack
- Turn Undead
- Weapon Focus
- Dazzling Display


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