The Harness Bulls

The Infiltration

Our heroes arrived at Villa Liborio in good order. Xanther, disguised as Salvatore (the bethrothed), took point and got the party in the house, past Marchesa Liborio (the woman of the house). Anzo introduced himself as Sir Verryn, Salvatore’s cousin and best man, and the elves passed as Sir Tinenth and Sir Serrad, of Korvosa.

The party knew that Bassanio‘s collarbone would be found in the villa’s tower, attached to the building’s abandoned wing. Once everyone went to bed, the party sprang into action, albeit somewhat disfunctionally. Xanther set off on his own through the window, with Anzo bumbling after to keep an eye on him. The elves went straight down the hall to the abandoned wing.

Meanwhile, Lambert “Bert” Morphis, an alchemist, made his way into the abandoned wing ahead of the elves. He was looking for a magical helm that once belonged to the Evilbird clan of the Scar Fling Orc Tribe, as proof that the Evilbirds were defeated by the Humans of Villa Liborio, rather than the other way around. He punched his way through the door, and was soon confronted by living suits of armor!

Another adventurer, Naiaer, who was staying at the villa under the name of Lady Vallelunga, crept to the roof and started toward the tower. She made it all the way without trouble, and began her descent toward Bassanio’s tomb, where she too hoped to find his collarbone in order to barter for information about her sister from Captain Albano.

Xanther and Anzo scaled the building and were close to reaching the tower themselves when the roof gave way and dropped them right into combat with the armor suits. While Anzo chopped, Xanther rushed ahead, meeting some skeletons in the process!



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