The Harness Bulls

The Heart of a Pirate

The party gains and loses a lead

Our heroes continued their skirmish with pirates in plains city of Palin, which has recently become a hub of villainy, thanks to the hunt for Feck’s War Manual. The fight was a hard one, but eventually the party prevailed, thanks in no small part to Naeier’s timely summoning of an Eldritch horror whose smooth black tentacles would haunt Seamus the pirate for the rest of his days. The party captured Seamus using a combination of this fear and an immovable rod. They handed him over to the sheriff, but not before relieving him of a potion of flight and his weapons. All told, the party looted 216 gp per member, as well as two more potions (magic fang and sanctuary) from Seamus’ associate Frank, a cleric of Gorem (a.k.a. “The Lord in Iron,” with dominion over battle).

Later at the Sheriff’s office, the party was debating with the Sheriff what do to next when Inspector Tasris walked in! He claimed jurisdiction over the pirate and was displeased that the party had withheld evidence from him, in the form of Selftcark’s bullet. They learned from him that Selftcark’s guilt was not a closed issue; the orc lieutenant is the quartermaster for firearms at Caerbury Hobbs, which means anyone with access to the armory (and the skills to use a firearm) could have killed Feck.

Our heroes decided to accompany Tasris, at least as far as Ravenmoor. They retired to the Golddust (scene of the last fight) to discuss things. The conversation went poorly, however, probably because Anzo insulted Tasris’ handling of the investigation. Nolthenius wasn’t able to convince him to talk further, either through diplomacy or intimidation.

Nolthenius spent the evening guarding the prisoner, but despite his efforts, the prisoner died gruesomely in the night; after some loud sounds and the smell of brimstone, Nolthenius found only the prisoner’s heart, pierced with four nails, by the time he reached the room. Anzo cleaned up the mess and consecrated the area (pocketing the nails). Both the party and Inspector Tasris were at a loss for how to proceed.

The party decided to leave for Caerbury Hobbs, to check on the lead about Selftcark. Travel was easy and uneventful until they got to the vicinity of the estate, where they found Captain Albano’s gypsy caravan on the road.

Dumasse, the inept guard, proved very obliging, so the part had little trouble getting inside. They found the room changed, with a desk, a fireplace, and a coffin, plus a door in the back. Mercutio popped out through the door, annoyed to see the party. Dumasse got everyone chairs. How kind.

Mercutio was agitated for most of the conversation. He fixated on Naeier in particular, and seems much grieved by Captain Albano’s passing. Eventually, Nolthenius had had enough, exclaiming. “But you know what they say about assumptions: You’re a vampire, aren’t you.”

Mercutio, working himself up further, lunged for Naeier after this, but the elf was protected by a holy force projecting from Xanther’s owl. What could this mean!?



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