The Harness Bulls

The Catacombs

Upon approaching the catacombs, the party found a stone door leading in. Xanther (rashly) grabbed the door handle, and was immediately stricken with paralysis, along with a stench that sickened the rest of the party. Velekh recognized this as a Ghoul Touch trap.

After recovering, the party ventured into a series of low, narrow, unlit tunnels lined with stacks of human bones. They shortly came upon a man-sized purple mushroom, known to possess a devastating poison. Once they had burned it to a cinder, Xanther (rashly) grabbed it with his bare hand to keep a piece, and his hand rapidly rotted to the bone. He subsequently required some restoration, as Old Nick and Dong had predicted. The party then passed through the room, putting up with the hideous sounds of the shrieker mushrooms in the walls.

In the next room the party fought some sort of shambling corpse, and killed it easily. Naiaer discovered a secret door leading down to a lower level of the catacombs. There they found a wooden door and magically detected a crowd of undead behind it. After burning and splintering the door, the party made reasonably quick work of 8 zombies. Close observation revealed them to be odd combinations of zombie parts, like Frankenstein’s monster, rather than ordinary resurrected dead.

The next room held another mobile rotting corpse, which the party rolled over in seconds.

Then the party advanced along a lengthy corridor which led across the heart of the mound over to the other side, where more undead could be detected. Xanther ran ahead (rashly; surprise), and ran directly into the clutches of another shambling undead corpse. This one was much more powerful than the others had been, and had nearly killed Xanther before the rest of the party arrived. Our heroes eventually triumphed, but with two broken crossbows and nearly all of their spells depleted, they decided that it would be wise to leave the catacombs and rest up and repair before tackling any more undead creatures.



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