The Harness Bulls

Returning the Collarbone

The party joined forces to vanquish the living armor suits and skeletons in the abandoned wing and throughout the tower. Together, they scaled the tower and found Bassanio’s sarcophagus, emblazoned with an unfamiliar—but undoubtedly evil—symbol on its cover. Lambert ingested a mutagen to grow in strength and size and easily popped the cover off the tomb to reveal a decayed body missing its hands. Before the party could ponder the meaning of this, the hands appeared and leapt out, hungry for murder!

As Lambert, Nolthenius, and Xanther fought the hands, Anzo chopped the head off Bassanio’s body… to no effect. Lambert grabbed the head (since it was wearing the helmet he wanted) and tussled over it breifly with Velekh. Meanwhile, Naiaer grabbed the left collarbone and started to flee! The party vanquished the hands and then restained Naiaer, entering into an uneasy truce to take the collarbone back together.

The party left Villa Liborio under the retreating cover of night and rested in the woods. By midday they had returned to Xanther‘s tavern and set off again for Captain Albano’s caravan.

Inside, the party bargained for information before handing over the collarbone. They learned that Skeltur, the fugitive that the elven marshals are hunting, is also ultimately responsible for what happened to Naiaer’s sister; at one point, Bassanio and Captain Albano had both answered to him.

Xanther used the opportunity to ask after Lord Bludmourne, who killed him on his wedding day in his prevous life. Captain Albano wearily said he was last seen on The Black Islands, north of Alban in the Varisian Gulf, where he had once made a pact with demon lords.

The party handed over the collarbone, and while negotiating some further details, (like whether they could have any of Albano’s wealth, now that he was planning to die), Mercutio burst in and announced that Former General Feck, Steward of the Curchain Hills, was dead.



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