The Harness Bulls

Puff the Adolescent Vampire

The group meets with Etheldread and a vampire attacts

After Mercucio accused Niair of being a liar, she confessed to the group that she was looking for her sister Fisora. Apparently, Fisora had been kidnapped may years ago by Captain Albono. Mercucio, surprised at this accusation and unwilling to believe Niair’s account, grabbed the elfin wizard and vanished in an apparent attempt to resolve this issue on his own terms.

Defeated and confused, the remaining members of the group decided to continue to Carebeary Hobbs and consult with Etheldread.

On the way, Xanther was asked to explain the white owl that has been following him around; the same owl who seemed responsible for protecting Niair from Mercucio’s initial assault. Xanther explained that his owl represents the ‘light’ powers he once had … is only connection to who he once was before he was murdered by Bloodmourn. Beyond that, the owl’s presents and purpose are a mystery.

Upon reaching Carebeary Hobbs, the group met with Etheldread to discuss current progress and leads related to Feck murder, the location of the War Manual and the Dragon Spear and Skelthcart’s possible connection.

After learning that the bullet found in the Northbank Church alter may have come from Feck’s own firearm, the group adjourns for the evening with the anticipation of meeting up with Skelthcart in the morning.

During the night, a vampire flied (or shall I say stumbled) through Nolthenous’ window exclaiming ‘I’ve heard of you!’ Despite all the vampires efforts to the contrary, he’s vampire youth gave him a less than imposing persona. ‘You are under my power!’; again, a less than successful attempt to control Nolthenious’ actions.

All this commotion wakes Xanther and Lambert who attempt to enter the room.

‘You shall be destroyed!’ Finally the young vampire takes control of Nolthenious. ‘Obey me!’ Rallied, the whole group bursts into the room only to be shot at by the Marshal.

Bombs are thrown, attempts to control undead made with bursts of positive energy intermingled in and the vampire retreats out the window in gaseous form. Nolthenious, Anzo and Xanther jump out the window in hot pursuit, west out of town. Lambert stayed behind to extinguish the bomb fires and retires feeling less than human waste.

Meanwhile, Anzo gave the vampire another shot of positive energy causing the vampire, still in gaseous form, to fly straight up. In response, Xanther summoned an eagle to continue the attack and Anzo ingested a flight potion. Finally, as the vampire floated out of reach, it becomes apparent that the vampire had been defeated and was attempting to return to the safety of his coffin north over the river. But what was that on the ground? The vampire had dropped a cloak clamp in the shape of … wait for it … the Limashtu and Orcus symbol.

The next morning, Skelthcart could be seen riding a bull as he approached Carebeary Hobbs. Raging Bull Orc Tribe scars could be clearly seen across his face. Note: The Raging Bull tribes are mortal enemies of the Evil Bird tribe, so any connections Skelthcart may have with recent Evil Bird money laundering and zombies are remote.

After a bit of discussion, the group decides that it was most likely Feck’s gun that produced the bullet left in the church alter. The group also confirmed that the Evil Bird tribe has been spreading out and moving undead south from the Plateau under the cover of night.

The discussion then shifted to Palin and the confrontation with Samus and his crew of Bloodmourn pirates. Unfortunately, with Samus dead, Etheldread had lost his lead to Bloodmourn and the Black Isles. Etheldread suspects Bloodmourn had something to do with Fecks demise. Now the groups only hope of reaching the Black Isles lies with Oldaro the navigator at Rodrick’s Cove.

Also, Bruuz, Schelthcarts young nephew has agreed to infiltrate the Evil Bird tribe and report back on their activities.

Etheldread gave the group four potions of water breathing, a potion of spider climb, a potion of resist acid and a potion of reduce person. A master work spiked gauntlet was also gifted to the group.

So the group set out for Rodrick’s Cove, a four days ride.

Just past the Coocharlie River, a griffin named Justine joined the group. Uneasy with this newly acquired ally, the group camped for the evening to re-evaluate their next actions and feasted on an oxen the Justine supplied just moments before.



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