The Harness Bulls

Clues in Ravenmoor

...and a reunion with old allies

The party awoke to find that Lambert had left in the night. Unfazed, the party left Sheepshead and traveled through the forest toward Ravenmoor to see the majordomo, interim leader of the Curchain Hills after Feck’s death, at Feck’s old estate Caerberry Hobs. Beyond the forest, the land dropped and the scenery was replaced with scrub brush and melting frost.

The frost ran into the Lampblack River, and the party crossed it 7 or 8 miles south of Ravenmoor. Shortly after passing the burnt-out shell of Fizzbet’s Crimson Keep, they were attacked by an ogre! Anzo took a brutal blow and Naiaer almost died, but the glory of Munachar protected them and they won the day.

Further down the road, the party spotted two more ogres in combat with 6 Valdemar retainers, led by the minor but pompous Gordon of Valdemar. Together, the party and the retainers bested the ogres, and Gordon promptly left with his troops, headed for Palon (where Feck’s War Manual was last spotted).

The party arrived at Ravenmoor around dark, but managed to avoid any vampiric encounters. Thanks to some quick talking and badge waving by Xanther, a red-faced butler named Beach let the party into Caerberry Hobs and presented them to the majordomo, who was none other than Etheldred the Bard! Master Perekop was also present.

From the halflings, the party learned that Feck’s son and rightful heir, Captain Macalmo, wouldn’t make it back to Ravenmoor for several weeks; he was out at sea, fighting pirates. Etheldred was holding down the fort until then.

They also learned that Philomena, Feck’s daughter and eldest child, has been missing for some time. She left Ravenmoor 5 years ago, after ‘losing’ her inheritance. (Inheritance is settled by community vote in the Hills, and Macalmo, though younger, was judged to be less unpredictable.)

Perekop also informed the party that Xanther’s old foe Avelina had recently tried to kill him! Are the Heroes of the Plateau Affair being targeted?

Finally, Nothenius and Velekh collected information about their mission and the murders at Sheepshead. They learned:

- Bassanio‘s emblem is connected to Skeltur. An emblem similar to the one on Bassanio’s tomb was found on a letter belonging to a local villain who was working with orcs. He gave up Skeltur’s name, but the next day all that was left of him was his heart with four nails in it, sitting on the jail cot. The heart and nails also formed Skeltur’s logo.

- Svakstaar and Sven were cousins of Feck, and admirals in the Goblin War. Svakstaar led three ships in the Battle(s) of Magnamar while Sven stayed home in Korvosa to manage things. In the first battle, Svakstaar was a hero. In the second, he was defeated and sunk, possibly by Lord Bloodmourne (who was allied with the goblins at the time). Svakstaar was deployed as reinforcements by Feck, over Sven’s protests. Sven has since been obsessed with his brother’s death. He blames Feck and himself, although Feck claims Svakstaar took the wrong path (counter to his orders) and doesn’t accept the blame.

- Velekh, who’d found a bullet at the crime scene, was told that the only place to buy bullets in town was Old Nick’s shop.

- Xanther learned that it’s said the The Black Islands move around. Harbor pilots say there’s a channel you follow to get to them, but it’s a difficult course and you can’t pilot it unless you’ve gone there before with someone else. Etheldred suggested that Oldario, Lord Bludmourne‘s former navigator, was recently seen in Roderick’s Cove.



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