The Harness Bulls

Blood Mourn Rising

The party battles some Blood Mourn pirates in Palin

22nd of Pharast

On the road to Carebeary Hobbs, we came upon a cairn on the side of the road. A single clawed shaped and bloody hand had pushed its way past the rock pile in a failed attempt at freedom. Upon further investigation of the cairn contents (and 4 hours of back breaking stone removal … ugg!), three Kaijitsu family bodies wear found; presumably, the same Kaijitsu that were looking for the War Manual at the Crossing in Palin. Each body had their lungs pulled out through their backs in a fashion to resemble wings.

Xanther immediately filled with rage ‘The Blood Eagle! This is the work of Blood Mourn pirates. These evil bastards shall pay the ultimate price as I plunge my rapier deep into each of their hearts.’

And so we headed to Palin, the most likely location of the Blood Mourn pirates responsible for the murders.

On the way into Palin, a well know bard named Papa Renault talked with us. Like many bard in the area, Papa Renault had hopes of earning coin in the local establishments, entertaining the many would be adventures searching for the War Manual. As it turns out, Renault knows Etheldread and had a leather bag in his possession for him. The bag contained 2 potions and a scroll.

Once in Palin, we headed to the sheriff’s office to give notice of the Kaijitsu killings and the link to Blood Mourn pirates. The sheriff seemed overwhelmed with his new found duties as a result of the increased population (and subsequent crime) in Palin, so the group left for the Golddust Hotel and Casino in hopes of finding the pirates themselves.

Sure enough, three Blood Mourn pirates were at the bar while a single pirate was gambling at a near by table.

Xanther wasted no time and confronted them. Harsh words were spoken, threats made and eventually, we were headed full steam into a fight. At the request of the barkeep, Xanther, Lambert and the three pirates relocated outside. The solitary Blood Mourn pirate kept a watchful eye on the group but did not interfere. In turn, Nolthenius and Naiaer kept an eye on the gambler. Anzo remained in the Golddust doorway to provide assistance as required.

In anticipation of the impending brawl, Lambert ingested his mutagen potions and began his transformation into Robusto. The solitary pirate still in the bar objected to this and decided to interject with a large crossbow bolt into Robusto’s back. Unphased, Robusto swiftly poisoned his battle axe and swung at one of the pirates knocking him unconscious. Nolthenius shot at the bar pirate, but missed. Xanther attempted an acrobatic flip to reposition himself, but stumbled and paid for the missed attempt with a mighty strike from one of the pirates. Nolthenius became the next target of the bar pirate with a crossbow bolt to the leg. Reeling from the shot, Nolthenius suffers another miss with his pistol. (We are missing a lot at this point) Finally, Naiaer lands a blow on the bar pirate by splintering the wooden chair next to the bar pirate … ouch! Xanther continued to exchange blows with the pirates, but has taken quite a bit of damage. Recognizing that his companion was in need; Anzo repositioned himself and healed Xanther.

Ah shit … FIREBALL. The bar pirate sends a firery attack right in the middle of the group outside. No one is spared, both groups take damage (… what a bastard). Xanther critically strikes on of the pirates, ending his life while another pirate heals the burns he suffered as a result of his comrade’s wanton fireball attack. Anzo advances on this pirate (after all, no good heal shall go unpunished.) The pirate rendered unconscious by Robusto’s poison begins to stir.

End of Session … to be continued



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